Information for Parents

Our school is a community where pupils, parents and teachers collaborate and work in partnership for our children. When parents decide to send their child to our school they are entering a very important relationship.

As a group, parents have a range of talents, abilities and skills that have the potential to enrich and extend the educational opportunities provide for the children.

Parents are invited to become involved in the school in many ways and at many levels, for example:

a) Serving on school bodies (Board of Management, Parent Association)

b) Fundraising.

c) Policy Making e.g. Code of Discipline, Relationships and Sexuality Education, Parent Association Constitution.

d) In school activities e.g. An Post Savings Schemes & Communion Committee.

Benefits of Parental Involvement:

1. Children benefit from greater diversity in the classroom.

2. Children profit from more one –to-one attention.

3. Parental skills may support and complement work already taking place.

4. Parental involvement actively supports and encourages the child’s learning.

5. A wide range of activity is facilitated. This can be interesting, fun and can lead to a broader and more holistic education.

6. It promotes ‘good parent / teacher relationships and a better level of understanding between home and school’. (National Parents’ Council)

7. It enhances communication, trust and respect between parents and teachers.

8. Parents can learn about the curriculum.

9. Parental involvement allows children to see that school is an extension of home and therefore fosters the idea of the ‘school family’

10. Parental skills can contribute to the smooth running and development of the school.

11. Parental involvement provides the opportunity of making lifelong friends.