Summer Newsletter June 2020

Covid – 19 and Returning to School:

At present, we have no definitive guidelines on returning to school from the Department of Education and Skills, but as soon as they are issued, we, in consultation with the Board of Management, Staff and Parents Association, will work to ensure a safe return to school for all and inform you accordingly.

Irrespective of guidelines however, it is evident that we will return to a different environment and modes of behaviour. Over the summer, please encourage your children to observe cough and sneeze etiquette, proper use of tissues and disposal of same, hand hygiene especially after toilet use, coughing or sneezing and discourage them from touching their eyes, nose or mouth.

Also, over the summer months, please try to encourage your younger children to be independent from you in regards to school. Encourage them to line up and walk in with the other children from the gate. We do not anticipate that parents will be allowed in the school as in previous years as space simply will not permit if current regulations re social distancing remain in operation. We also encourage you to practice the bubble theory – the children stretch out their arms and the space contained within the spread of their arms is their ‘bubble’ – if someone comes too close, it bursts their bubble and the idea is that the bubbles don’t touch off each other!!!  Social Distancing a la children! Obviously if your child is ill or brewing a temperature, do not send him or her into school.

More information to follow as it becomes available.

P.A. Thanks to the Parent’s Association for their help and support over the past year and especially to the members who are doing amazing work in the playground – your children are very lucky to have such great facilities!

6th  Best of luck to our outgoing 6th class, congratulations on their graduation this evening and we wish them well as they embark on their respective secondary school journeys. We are also bidding farewell to 12 families, some of whom are with us since 2005. We thank them for their support, co-operation and kindness over the past number of years.

We also want to thank you, our parents and guardians, for your co-operation and participation as we negotiated distance learning together this year. From many of the comments, you have a new appreciation for the work that goes on in school! On a serious note, we have all found a resilience in ourselves that we didn’t know was there!

Teacher Allocation 2020/21:






Junior Infants

Mrs. Howard


Fourth Class

Ms. Daly

Senior Infants

Ms. Maguire


Fifth Class

Ms. Hickey

First Class

Mrs. Crinion / Ms. McDonald


Sixth Class

Ms. Halpenny

Second Class

Ms. McGuigan




Second Class

Mrs. Fitzpatrick



Ms. McNulty 

Third Class

Mr. Martin 



Mrs. Cunningham

Finally, we hope you all have a lovely, well-deserved summer break. Hopefully the sun will be back so we can all enjoy long warm days and if we all practice social distancing and washing our hands, we will beat this Corona virus!

Parking: Please Note Change

From Thursday 29th August 2019 there will  be NO Parking or Drop and Go outside the school—all parents must use new Drop-Off point in  our new Car Park—it is imperative that parents do not park in these spaces but keep traffic flowing—this will take time to bed in so please be patient. There will be a one way system in operation where you drive in, pull into the drop and go spaces, let your child / children out – you then drive into the carpark, around and out. Please note both the entering and exiting traffic will use the same gate so be aware of lane discipline.

On Road parking is for Staff use and Buses ONLY.

School History

Welcome to Yellow Furze NS

We moved into the Yellow Furze NS current building in November 2004. Bishop Michael Smith and Fr. Peter Farrelly, P.P. performed the official opening of the school in June 2005.

The current building is an extension and refurbishment of the old 4 classroom school which was opened in 1950.

That school, in turn, replaced the original Yellow Furze NS national school which was located in the grounds of the church and contained separate boys and girls schools.

We are fortunate to have a modern building with good facilities and a large sports hall. We extended the building again in 2010 and now have 8 classrooms.

Yellow Furze NS Natioal School Beauparc Seneschalstown Navan CoMeath
Yellow Furze NS National School

School Charter

Yellow Furze NS National School is a Roman Catholic school established with the Minister for Education and Skills which provides a religious education for the pupils in accordance with the practices and traditions of the Catholic Church.


School Vision

Our vision is that of a caring loving Catholic School where all children, whatever their ability, race or creed are cherished for their uniqueness. We seek to give equal opportunity to all children to reach their full potential – academically, spiritually, physically, socially and emotionally.

We endeavour to achieve this goal in a climate of positive co-operation, supported by the entire school community of pupils, teachers, support staff, parents/guardians, Board of Management and Parish.

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