Magnificent root system of a tree in nearby Balrath Wood
Magnificent root system of a tree in nearby Balrath Wood

Green Team

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School and our Environment - School Flags:

The school has five Green Flags. The ‘Green Schools’ is a whole school approach to environmental awareness. Our 1st flag was based on ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’. We operate a recycling system throughout the school, prohibit the use of tin-foil, operate a compost bin for food waste and have developed a vegetable garden.

Our 2nd Green Flag was based on Energy Conservation and was awarded in June 2010 for our initiatives on energy saving with added emphasis on usage of lights and heat.

Our 3rd flag was achieved in March 2012 and was based on water conservation.

Our fourth flag, awarded in May 2014, was based on transport and the impact of transportation on the environment.

Continuing with the conservation theme, we installed a rainwater harvesting system in 2016. This water is stored and then filtered, sterilized and fed back into the water system to use for flushing toilets etc. It has had the effect of hugely reducing our water usage and bill! This project was grant aided by Meath County Council.

The Green Team is in operation since November 2006 and is comprised of a teacher and pupils from 5th class.  

In 2017 we were awarded our Fifth Green Flag for biodiversity. Various experts from Heritage in Schools visited the school discussing aspects of biodiversity e.g. the importance of bees, the effects of monocultures and how to improve wildlife in the garden. Each class undertook projects on biodiversity and studied the effects of the lack of biodiversity.

Our 6th Green Flag is based on themes of Global Citizenship, Litter and Waste. We have worked on these themes over the past two years and had hoped to consolidate our work and earn our flag in 2021. However, Covid 19 interrupted our work temporarily and we will resume in 21/22. We have worked on Biodiversity, Sustainability, Climate Change, Hunger and Reduce, Reuse, Recycle principles. We hope to have several speakers in the school next year to continue to educate us and help us achieve our aims.


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  • Magnificent root system of a tree in nearby Balrath Wood
  • Our very first Green Flag!
  • A Bird of Prey who visited Yellow Furze
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