School Calendar:  Sept 2020- June 2021

This table sets out the school calendar based on current information (May 2020) 

Please note that it may be subject to change based on Public Health Restrictions.


Month Description
Thursday 27th  August 2020 School reopens 9.20am
September 4th Confirmation 6pm Church of Assumption, Yellow Furze
October / November Mid-term break School closed Monday 26th Oct – Friday 30th Oct. Reopens Mon 2nd Nov.
December / January Christmas Holidays School closes @ 12 noon Tuesday 22nd Dec, reopens Wednesday  6th  January 2021
January 6th Feast of Epiphany All children attend Mass at 10am
February Mid-term break School closed Thursday & Friday 18th & 19th February.
February 17th Ash Wednesday All children attend Mass at 10am
March  17th St  Patrick’s Day School closed Wed 17th March
April Easter Holidays School closes Fri 26th March at 12noon, reopens Mon 12th April 2021
May Bank holiday Bank Holiday School closed Monday & Tuesday 3rd & 4th May.
June Bank Holiday Bank Holiday School closed Mon 7th  and Tues 8th   June, reopens Wed 9th   June
Wed June 23rd Summer Holidays School closes @12 noon.

The school year is relatively short at 183 days. Therefore, we strongly discourage parents from taking children out of school for prolonged holidays. Please note that absences in excess of 20 days in one academic year must be reported to the National Educational Welfare Board (N.E.W.B).

Parents will receive a telephone call from the school when their child has missed 15 days.

Parents or guardians are now obliged by law to provide a written explanation of their child’s absence to the school.

Please ensure you also send a note to your child’s teacher if for any reason your child has to leave school during the school day i.e. to attend an appointment, and they must be signed out in the Register in the Office by a Parent or Guardian only.

Art & Culture Event

This takes place every couple of years and consists of a fun few days where the emphasis is on arts & crafts, fun, dance, storytelling, traditional music etc. There is no homework or formal classes during this event. The next Arts & Culture Event is scheduled for May/ June 2015.